Ways to Worship Your Partner in Bed!

Sex is complex, multi-layered, and always leaves room for growth. If you consider yourself a solid lover, there is that chance that you could always do better. Especially when it comes to your partner’s pleasure, going that extra mile in bed will pay off in the long run. It is not a secret that all women want your attention in bed. They want that fiery connection, the lust hanging in the air and of course, the delightful, cherry-on-top orgasm.

For all you gentlemen out there who just love pleasing your partner, here are 11 saucy tips to Worship Your Partner in Bed.

Eye Contact!

It’s no secret that women thrive on eye contact, especially during sex. Keep your eye contact steady and assured, and keep it going both during foreplay and during sex. Even if using a blindfold, let there be a moment when you take it off and find your partner’s eyes.

Worship Your Partner in Bed: Sounds!

Women are exceptionally aroused when their man is enjoying sex as much as them. Just like that, they enjoy hearing you make sounds and moan your pleasure without holding back. If you thus far found sounds to be tacky, we are here to reassure you that the more you use them, the more pleased your partner will be.


Every woman wants slow, romantic, and sensual sex. Leave your wants and preferences to the side and go extra soft for a night. To boost the mood, you can always put a sexy playlist on, include an oil massage or bring a fine wine into the mix. 

Worship Your Partner in Bed: ‘Rough’!

When women talk about rough sex, they don’t mean you going off the hook. Being rough enough for your partner’s desires is essential, so use your best moves while also giving your partner the safe-word option. There are all kinds of ways to get on the rougher side of sex, and even something as simple as pushing her against a wall will do.

The Top!

Although you like dominating, it is wise to leave your partner on top and in control from time to time. Most women are not the biggest fans of the ‘top’ spot, but likely have a favorite position and style they could try out.  

Worship Your Partner in Bed: Orgasm!

One of the most relevant things to remember about pleasing your partner is to never leave the bed without giving her an orgasm. Yes, that might mean you’ll have to work for it before, during or even after sex, but if you want your sex life to thrive, an orgasm is always a good idea.

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