4 Women Sex Secrets She Choose Not to Share with You!

Mysterious to their very core, women hold a chest of secrets when it comes to love, life, and relationships. When it comes to sex, things are no different, so don’t be surprised to learn that your partner decided to keep a few sexy secrets away from you.

But, speaking of sex, what is it that makes women so secluded?

Here are 4 sultry little secrets that women don’t feel comfortable sharing with you about sex. 

How Often She Masturbates!

Whether due to shame or the fear of being judged, most women decide to keep their private sexy sessions…well, private. According to a study in the field, up to 85.5 percent of the women involved admitted to masturbating often. The reason, however, that makes women hold this a secret is because they think you will feel threatened by her need to please herself. Still, the truth is, women sometimes ask for the same things that you do while masturbating…and emotional and physical relief.

Women Sex Secrets: Her Sexy Dreams!

It would be absurd to think that women don’t have any sex dreams. Contrary to popular belief, women have sexual dreams quite often, and what’s more surprising, these don’t often revolve around their partner. Sex dreams are often the work of our subconscious mind, and yes, things can get pretty hot in there. The reasons your partner won’t share her wet dreams with you is simple- you are either not in them, or a certain secret fantasy was in play, and a one she’s not ready to ask for.  

Her Fantasies!

Did you know that most women dream of a bad boy (in bed!) who’s also a good guy? Or that women fantasize about having a threesome, both with another man or woman? It is oftentimes difficult for a woman to share her sexual fantasies with her partner because she’s afraid she’ll be misinterpreted.

However, with the right partner, a woman can open up on her hidden desires and allow her partner to explore along with her. So, instead of poking her with questions, make room for her fantasies to come freely into the picture.

Women Sex Secrets: Her Cheating Episodes!

Women are driven by their emotional side, which is why they will never admit whether they’ve cheated on their exes. Typically, a woman is perceived as someone who’s not as much interested in sex, which often leads her to cheat.

Interestingly, a study in the field noted that almost 50 percent of the women surveyed admitted to having cheated on their partners without confessing it to their current partner. And here you thought you were the only one having secrets.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6620089/Tracey-Cox-spills-14-sex-secrets-women-never-share-men-know.html

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