Why an Escort Might Refuse to Meet a Client Again?

It is not in an escort’s nature to refuse client bookings or seeing a client again. However, in some instances, clients who have dated an escort once might not be able to book another date, especially in cases when the escort disagrees to see a client again. But why would an escort refuse to meet or date a client for the second, third or even fifth time? Well, in short, it all has to do with negative experiences.

Below, let’s list the main reasons why an escort might refuse to accept another booking from a client.

Hygiene Issues

Cleanness and personal hygiene play a key factor in escort dating, so if the client has been neglecting himself, the escort might not agree to see him again. Instead of explaining the need to keep up with personal grooming, something a client should know by heart, an escort will derail from his next booking. Hygiene is exceptionally important when dating escorts, and clients who are looking forward to a marvellous experience should keep proper grooming in mind.

The Client is Rude

If the client is rude or disrespectful to an escort, she will likely not agree to go on another date with him. Escorts don’t enjoy being objectified as their service is high-level and much more than the physical pleasure, but oftentimes, clients believe that just because they paid for the service, they can say whatever and whenever. As this is not the case at all, clients should bring their A-game manners to their escort date, thus avoiding a fiasco and losing the chance to date an escort again.

Cheap Tricks

Many times, escorts meet clients who will try to prolong their experience, despite having paid for a certain service only. In such cases, when the client is late, overly demanding, difficult to please, or tries to score a discount for a service already agreed on, an escort will reconsider meeting him again. Great manners are crucial in escort dating, and as the service is elite and VIP, cheap tricks have no place in the booking.

Prying Tendencies

Clients who are too investigative or prying about their escort, whether it is her name, personal life or residence location, will not be considered for follow-up bookings. As escorts are quite private and discrete about their lives, they will refuse to reveal any information on them and will, in general, turn down snoopy clients for upcoming bookings.