When Sex is Not a Good Idea!

While there is nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual appetite, some occasions call for sex more than others. Oftentimes, even if we feel intercourse is a good idea, certain pointers might indicate that you need to put it off. Whether it is a health issue or emotional issue, sex is not always a great idea, even if you think it is.

Today, let’s go over 5 different occasions on which having sex is not the wisest thing to do. 

5. When Sex is Not a Good Idea: Post-UTI!

Having sex while on antibiotics can oftentimes worsen your situation. If you are suffering from a urinary tract infection, it is best you wait to have sex until your treatment is over. Plus, having intercourse with a UTI is not the most pleasant experience anyway, and sometimes, the symptoms can still linger even post-treatment. Therefore, consider sitting this one out for a week after treatment at least.

4. Waxing/ Shaving

If you are freshly waxed or shaved down below, you might want to reschedule your sex-related activities. After shaving, the skin is very irritable and the grinding that happens during intercourse can make the experience itchy, scratchy and even painful. On the plus side, the skin goes back to normal after a day or two, so you wouldn’t have to postpone for longer.

3. In Some Cases during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, having sex is quite normal, if everything is going well. Still, on some occasions, during pregnancy is not a clever idea. Namely, in some cases, pregnancy and sex don’t go well together. This happens if the pregnancy is followed by issues like ruptured membranes, abnormal placenta location, a prematurely opened cervix, or STIs.

2. When Sex is Not a Good Idea: Conflicts!

According to sex educators, if you were thinking of having itfor the sake of ending an argument, don’t. This kind of behavior is not only unhealthy, but it will also ruin the pleasure of it. I know, it is sometimes easier to take the edge off with some ruffling of the sheets; but arguments and conflicts are best solved through communication; whereas sex is always about having fun and loving it!

1. Consent

Having consent with anything you do in bed is crucial. That is why experts don’t suggest having it while inebriated. With sex, the last thing you want is a cloudy judgment. Therefore; if consent is not established before shaking things up; the wisest thing to do would be to call it a night. 

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