What to Do If Your Escort Date Was a Mismatch?

Escort dating is designed to provide clients in need of professional company refined and top-notch dating services that satisfy their every need and request. However, sometimes a client and his escort will not make a good match; and that is all due to a variety of reasons, such as a misunderstanding, unclear demands on behalf of the client, a wrongfully chosen date, or else. Even if your escort date turns out not to be what you had hoped for; there’s no need to get riled up about it. Instead, here is what to do in case your escort date goes downhill.

No Temper

Regardless of the frustration you are feeling; the last thing you want is to lash out to your escort and make her feel uncomfortable or worried. Bad manners will not help you experience a better date; So the best thing to do in this misfortunate situation is to talk things through with your escort or directly reach out to your escort centre to solve the problem and find a suitable alternative.

No Bargaining

Despite not having the greatest time on your escort date; you never want to be the kind of client that will demand his money back or require a discount. Escorts run through an agency have no power over these decisions so again, if you want to negotiate a deal; it’s best you directly communicate it with your escort centre. Escorts refuse to argue with clients over money and in such a case, they will likely cut the date short and avoid additional complications.

Leave an Honest Review

One of the things you can do when having experienced a not-so-great escort date is to leave an honest review on her services. However, in doing so, being honest doesn’t mean being rude or vulgar; so keep your review classy and simply express your opinion without going overboard. Most escort agencies only approve clean-language client reviews; so as long as you stick to that rule, you can express your opinion.

No Other Time

Some clients who have experienced an unsatisfactory escort date will not request a discount or money-back but will ask their escort to stay longer or spend the night. Unless this has been agreed as part of the service; forcing your escort to ‘make up’ for the date by staying overtime will not be tolerated. This might get you in trouble with the escort centre and put your option to book another escort date down the line at risk.