Ways to Worship Your Partner in Bed (vol.2)

How long has it been since you made your partner feel extra special during sex? Well, guess what? If it has been quite some time, now is your chance to get your sex life back on track. Making your partner happy in the bedroom is just as important as having them happy and satisfied in everyday life.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be worshipped in the bedroom, anyway?

Now, let’s talk about how you can become the lover that your partner wants you to be. Here are 5 more tips that will keep worship your partner in bed and just as grateful when it’s your turn to have some fun!

No-Questions-Asked Oral!

If you want your woman to feel extra special during sexy time, consider giving her an out-of-the-blue oral pleasure. Even more, don’t make oral sex part of your foreplay alone, but try and use it in everyday life as well. Is your partner overwhelmed and having a rough day? Take her hand, get in the bedroom and show her a good time!

Ways to Worship Your Partner in Bed: Play, Play, Play!

Having sex is great, but it is good to know that most women enjoy playing around and teasing, thus working their way up to the actual having-sex part. If you also enjoy the chasing game, there are many ways to tease your partner all day long- from toys to secret touches and a little domination play…she’ll love it!

Panties to the Side!

Women love the idea of you being incapable of controlling yourself around her. So, instead of a slow session, how about a raunchy quickie that will get you sweaty in no time? If you are careful, you can pull off a quickie anywhere, and you don’t even have to take your clothes off- just pull her panties to the side and rock it away!

Ways to Worship Your Partner in Bed: Mind Your Angles!

Penetrative sex is amazing, but doing the same old in-and-out motion is sort of boring. To really get your partner going, pace yourself when entering her, taking your time to find all the right angles that make her squirm. Instead of pushing and pulling alone, draw imaginary circles inside your partner or rock left to right. Don’t stress over it, experimenting will make it easier for you to hit all the right spots.

Naming Names!

All women indeed enjoy being called sweet and sexy nicknames in bed. While some like the flowery version of it, others prefer a bit darker, more sensual vocabulary. Nevertheless, hot or naughty, keep your nicknames personal and intimate. Who’s a dirty little…?

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