5 Spicy Positions for an Unforgettable Oral!

One of the most popular and beloved forms of sex is oral sex. Not only does oral sex increase your chances of an orgasm, but it also gives you a whole new and sexy creativity. The thing about oral sex, however, is that on occasions, it can get a bit boring. And while oral sex in itself is nothing dull to experience, sometimes the position you are in can kill your mood.

If you are a lover of oral sex, whether giving or receiving it, below are some tips on how to make it more versatile and Unforgettable Oral.

Unforgettable Oral: The Standard Position!

Giving or receiving oral sex in a typical position doesn’t have to be a seen-it-all-before experience. There are many adjustments you can make to make kneeling or lying in bed even more pleasurable.

When receiving oral, forget all about suffocating your partner. Let her have the room to breathe and move and reach all delightful spots you fantasize about. When giving oral sex, however, instead of just going down on your woman, place a pillow below her butt and give yourself more space to work with. Also, whenever going with the classic oral position, don’t only use your mouth, but your fingers as well. If you want to increase the intimacy of the act, you can always include eye contact as part of your play.


Queening is also referred to as facesitting and can be done both by the man or the woman. For women, queening is a great way to set up a suitable tempo and find pleasure faster. For men, facesitting should be done with the man on his knees, squatting over the woman’s face. If the angle is wrong, you can always place a pillow below your head and lift as much as you need to.

Unforgettable Oral: Irrumatio!

This technique is more suitable for gentlemen who want oral sex done differently. In the position, aside from having your woman pleasure you, you can also thrust down her throat and create a moving rhythm. The key in this position is not to go too far with the trusting, as you can trigger the gag reflex. Interestingly, the more you try irrumatio, the more comfortable you’ll be going the distance and reaching new depths.

Head off the bed!

Another great alternative for oral sex is having your partner’s head hanging over the edge of the bed. This way, you will have a clearer and deeper penetration, with minimal gagging involved. The key to making this position work is adjusting the height. For that, you can place a pillow under your partner’s head or you can squat down or stand upright until the angle feels just right.

Unforgettable Oral: Backward!

Another great position for giving your lady a dreamy oral is doing it doggy style. If you have a recliner at home, you can use it for support and creating extra space. Nevertheless, the position is easily done even when the woman is standing up, which is yet another great trick to keep in mind.

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