Threesome or a Swingers’ Party?

Just because you are in a relationship, your sex life doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to one partner. Given that your existing partner is as open-minded as yourself, there are many ways to spice things up, such as threesomes and swingers party. Both scenarios are sexually fulfilling and slightly taboo, meaning your sex life is about to get times and times better!

Now, if you have never tried either but are open to the idea, there are several things to consider first.

Without any longer introduction, here are the pros and cons of choosing between a threesome and a swingers party.

A Swingers Party

Sexing things up with a swingers party is one of the safest ways to have wild sex and still keep things good with your partner. A swingers party is often done through adult dating websites, where you can communicate with another couple interested in sharing partners.

However, at times, swingers parties can include more than one couple, which can make things trickier. One of the cons of considering a swingers party is possessiveness, so if you or your partner don’t like sharing, it’s better you pass the offer.

A Threesome

When speaking of threesomes, things are easier on the possessive partners, which like to be pleasured. In a threesome, you can choose whether you’d like the third party to be a man or a woman, both straight and bisexual.

If you don’t fancy sharing, you can decide upon a woman, but also make sure your partner is accepting of the idea, too. Even if you don’t have a problem sharing, a threesome is great as you can make the best of both worlds, especially with a bisexual ‘third-wheel’.

One of the cons of a threesome is that it can get pretty personal, especially if only one partner participates, while the other watches. For instance, if your girl is not into women, seeing you being pleasured by another can stir things up. Because of that, it is essential you discuss the idea of a threesome ahead of time. This way, you can determine what makes you comfortable and what doesn’t, thus choosing more easily.

Our Pick?

As interesting as both scenarios sound, swinging is more effective in helping you loosen up. Here, you don’t just share your partner with someone else, but get satisfaction of your own, too. And seeing each other having sex with different people can be quite the thrill. Trust me.


For More Sexual Advice Visit Our Weekly Blog!

For More Sexual Advice Visit Our Weekly Blog!