Sexy Positions for Your Virtual Date!

It’s true, the period of self-isolation took away the joy and excitement that comes with physical intimacy and sex. However, just because you are at home alone; it doesn’t mean that you cannot take your sex life online and find plenty of erotic pleasure through sexy positions on camera.

To show you just how much fun you can have online; here are five Sexy positions for your virtual dateto keep your sex life alive and kicking!

Sexy Positions: Showing Face Only?

If you take your date in front of the camera; then a fun trick to try is to focus on the face alone. Just watching a woman moan at your words, with her ‘O’ face served for your pleasure only; can be quite the delight to watch. Plus, showing only your face to the camera is a very vulnerable and provocative way to express yourself erotically; and not knowing what’s happening ’down below’ just keeps adding to the thrill; and you only but imageine what sexy positions she likes to try!

Rearview Can Revil Sexy Camera Angles!

On-camera sex can be pretty exhilarating if you kneel in front of the screen with your back turned to your date. And while the back of your nude body will be full on display in a sexy position possible, your partner won’t know what is happening on the other side of things; and that’s what ultimately makes the experience so mysterious, desirable, and hot!

Sexy Full Frontal Positions!

Getting naked in front of the camera can be very erotic as it is. There are many things you can do while naked for your virtual sex session; so don’t be afraid to try some sub-dom scenarios or rub massage oil on yourself in a sexy position. Don’t worry, the more you get into it; the more comfortable you will be in your own body and with your own sexuality.

Voice It!

Having face-only sex can be great, but if you want to create an additional dose of anticipation; you’re your date down to sexy voice only. It is incredible how the power of your most seductive voice can be used as a sex tool; and with it, you can do whatever you want- talk dirty; instruct your partner to touch herself, or even read an erotic book excerpt.

Sexy Positions in The Shower/Tub!

Even if virtual, sex doesn’t have to always revolve around the bed. Instead of lying in your satin sheets, take the fun to the shower or make yourself a nice bubble bath. A splash of hot water will immediately relax you; and the fact that you can’t really see well beyond the mist will just enhance your erotic desires. 


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