5 Key Signs of Sexual Chemistry You Need to Know

As much as we love to believe that sexual chemistry will just happen on its own, it rarely works out like that. Sexual chemistry can be different with different people, and it largely depends on how compatible you two are in bed.

In a relationship, sexual chemistry is highly important, but so is chemistry outside of a couple. Also, sexual attraction doesn’t necessarily mean that you are compatible with someone as partners. One thing is certain, though, once sexual chemistry comes out to play, you will definitely feel it happening.

In an effort to get deeper into sexual chemistry, here are 5 indications that you have sexual chemistry with someone.

Sexual Chemistry: Eye Contact!

When you feel sexually aroused by someone, it is almost impossible not to engage in a little eye gazing practice. Eye contact is a primal, yet clear indicator of sexual attraction, and the longer it lasts, the bigger the spark between you two.

Physical Contact!

People who are sexually attracted to one another enjoy engaging in physical contact, all due to that inexplicable sexual magnetism. Sex always begins with the physical aspect, and simple gestures like touching a woman’s hair, shoulders or even sniffing in her perfume can increase your sexual arousal. Oh yes, and let’s not forget about the power of juicy, steamy kisses.

Can’t Keep Your Hands to Yourself!

Whether in the street, at a party, or at home, the need to touch someone and worship them physically can indicate a strong sexual desire. Grabbing someone around the waist, soft kisses, or a little innocent groping will show you that sexual chemistry exists and it is brilliant.

Sexual Chemistry: Body Language!

Another way to be sure there is sexual chemistry between you and another person is body language. Although not verbalized, body language can reveal many secret and sexy desires. Usually, when someone is sexually attracted to another, they tend to get physically closer or leaning in your direction. And if you’re feeling it, too, you will lean into the conversation as well.

Of course, there are other clear signs of sexual chemistry expressed through body language. Such include women playing with their hair and biting their lips.


Although we all practice some level of flirting, when sexual chemistry is concerned, you won’t be able to miss it. Flirting is an art on its own. That said, it usually works when two people are equally interested in teasing and provoking each other playfully.

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