6 Variations for a Sexier New years Eve!

When was the last time you tried a 69? One of the most intimate sex positions, 69 does not get the attention it deserves. The position itself can be rather tricky to pull off, depending on couples individually.

But, wait a minute, that’s not a reason enough to abandon the idea of a sexy 69!

If you are a fan of a 69 but cannot wrap your head around the idea, here are 6 Variations for a Sexier New years Eve!

Sexier New years Eve: Sit Down, Stand Up!

In this variation of the position, the man is seated with his legs spread in front of him. Let the woman come in front of your face, with her back (and butt!) turned towards your face. Bending over, she’ll be able to bring her lips to your manhood, and you…well, you know what to do.

Reverse Piggyback!

Lay on your back, and pull the knees up, supporting on your feet. The woman should take a nice reverse cowgirl position, but this time over your face, with her head right in your ‘business’. Talk about getting personal.

Sit Down, Forearm Stand!

Much like the first position, the man should be seated, his legs parted to each side. If the woman is more athletic, have her do a forearm stand, while you hold her by the waist for additional support. Placing her head in your crotch will not only hype you but will also give you access to hers.

Sexier New years Eve: Sideway Scissors!

Begin by lying down on the sides, with your head at her feet and vice versa. For a better access, pull one leg up to the belly and have your woman do the same.

Sexier New years Eve: Off the Bed and Over

Have your woman lie back on the bed, with her head hanging off its edge and her legs parted in the front. Come from the top, ‘dipping’ right into her and lean all over her body to get to that delicate spot between her legs.

Leg’s Up

Another variation on the 69 is to have the woman lying back, lifting her legs up and locking them under the elbows. The man comes on top and leans his intimates over the woman’s head. With her legs already up, you have an open and accessible’ playfield’ to explore, and all you have to do is dig in!

Source: http://sexpositions.club/tag/69-sex-position

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