7 Ways to Have Successful Sex Over 50!

Making intimacy happen in the bedroom is no easy task, especially with Sex Over 50!

As we age, the way we see sex and practice sex changes. For men, there is this dread related to aging and what sex would look like in their 50s and onwards. However, let this article be a consolation- your sex life doesn’t have to suffer at the hands of time.

Although the high levels of testosterone will likely drop with age, that doesn’t mean there is no way you can enjoy sex later in life.

In fact, here are 7 simple tips which will guarantee you a hot and heavy sex life, even in your 50s!

1. Sex Over 50: Medication!

If Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, take the mountain to Mohammed. In other words, when sex doesn’t seem to get better on its own, considering medication will save you lots of troubles. Any meds, from Viagra to Levitra and Cialis are effective in treating sex issues like impotency, weak erection or a low libido.

2. Weight

After turning 50, the body is exposed to a variety of health risks, most of which include hypertension, high blood sugar levels, and elevated cholesterol levels. Sure enough, these problems can affect your bedroom activities and cause unwanted erection issues. To prevent them, it is important you keep yourself fit, especially in your riper years.

3. Sex Over 50: Testosterone Scares!

When sex becomes a concern in a man’s life, there's usually this opinion about it being related to your testosterone level. Yes, these levels won’t be the same when you are 30 and 50, but most of the problems have to do with other hormones, too. Therefore, just to be on the safe side, test your testosterone levels, and simply enough, get supplements if needed.

4. Sexy Time

It is natural for the frequency of sex to decline as we age. However, if you are in your 50s, you can solve this issue by simply making the time for sex. When you schedule sex (and it doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds!), you actually take off unnecessary stress and learn how to organize your sexual activities accordingly.

5. Sex Over 50: Communication!

Finally, instead of being scared of talking about it, open up to your partner about your concerns. Sex issues happen to men even during their peak, which is comforting to know. However, later in life,don’t waste time wishing you had a better sex life, but rather, share your issues with your partner and brainstorm the possible solutions.

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