5 Cringe Sex Moments No One Will Share!

Let’s talk about Cringe Sex Moments. As much as you hate sharing them with your friends, sex fails happen to all of us. Interestingly enough, while no one wants to speak about them, many would feel way more comfortable knowing we all go through them.

To save you an awkward conversation, let’s discuss some of the most common sex flops you’ll like experience in your active sexual life.

Cringe Sex Moments: Undressing!

Taking each other clothes off can be very uncomfortable and confusing, especially for men. Women’s bras unzip in different ways, there are tights to think about, stockings…whole bunch of whatnots.

Plus, you never know what to do with your socks, especially when standing all naked and exposed. The best thing to do when this happens is laugh it off and fake it ‘till you make it.


As much as men love blowjobs, they often see their partner tiring during the activity. This is because holding the mouth open for a long time can stiffen the jaw and make it almost numb. For some women, this is more painful, so it is kind to be considerate if and when it happens.

Cringe Sex Moments: Almost There!

You know that moment when you feel like an erection is coming, but it’s not actually happening? Well, don’t sweat over it, as many men experience it. Regardless of how beautiful the woman in front of you is, erection issues happen mostly because of stress and anxiety, so it’s best you learn how to refocus.

Not Feeling It

Everything seems great and the mood for sex is set right. Your partner is just as eager as you, so you get right to it. Suddenly, as things begin to unfold, you both become unwilling to put any more efforts. Heck, you don’t feel like doing anything for that matter.

If you happen to lose dynamics in the bedroom, don’t panic over it, but rather call it quits for the night. Of course, you can still tease and cuddle, and go as far as you feel comfortable.

Cringe Sex Moments: Queefing!

A farting vagina is kind of hilarious and kind of awkward. While it doesn’t happen that often, queefing can be a result of too much air being stuck inside the vagina, as the result of more intense penetration. And no, there’s nothing to be surprised by. After all, you sort of caused it, right?

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