Sex for Men: How to Enjoy Yourself at Every Age?

Sex and Men: How to Enjoy Yourself at Every Age?

The way we perceive and practice sex changes as we get older. For men, the thought of sex comes at a very early age and develops during the teenage years and onwards. As soon as the first rush of sex thrive concludes, men become more aware of sex, how it should actually feel and how to enjoy it more. Although the sexual performance in men declines with age, experts in the field advise that sex can be quite exciting at every stage of life.

How so?

Here are the pros of having sex (and loving it, too!) at every age!

1. During the Teenage Years.

This is a period where men younger than 20 experience a sexual revelation. Naturally, the teenage years guarantee high testosterone levels, which makes men more attracted and interested in sex. However, what is missing during these years is the knowledge, experience, and quality in having sex in the first place. Still, as the most thrilling period in a man’s life, this is when sex should be pure enjoyment and a personal exploration of what you want.

2. During the 20s.

In their twenties, men can expect a slightly lower levels of testosterone, which does not affect the sex thrive at all. During this period, men tend to have at least three orgasms per week and begin to learn how to control their orgasms and prolong their pleasure. A great decade for experimenting, the twenties serve as a guide to a more satisfying way of lovemaking…so make it count!

3. During the 30s

In their 30s, men experience even lower levels of testosterone. However, this is actually the peak of a man’s sexual activity, where he learns of what he truly likes and dislikes about the act itself. Of course, having explored a bit in the past allows men in their 30s to begin paying more attention to their sexual partner. Steamy foreplay coming your way!

4. During the 40s

While many consider this the decade where thrive-stimulating pills should come into the picture, this is not a case at all. During this period, men are still entitled to at least 2 orgasms per week, which is not a bad thing at all. To the contrary, you might be getting less sex in your 40s but it is definitely under your terms and in accordance to your preferences!

5. During the 50s

As scary as the 50s may sound, they are an excellent age to enjoy sex for the pleasurable act that it is. Also, experts suggest only 7 percent of men could face erectile dysfunction at this time, which can put you at ease while in the bedroom.

6. During the 60s

In your 60s, sex for men depends on their physical activity and healthy habits. That said, the more attention you pay to staying fit, the greater sex life you’ll have. As for erectile dysfunctions, only 20 percent of men experience it, but thanks to the magic blue pill, you don’t have to give up on sex at all!

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