Secret Signals Women Want Sex (vol.1)

For men, it is not always easy to tell when their partner wants to have sex. Usually, women keep a nice façade even when they feel horny and aroused. It is not that women like hiding their needs from you, but most times, women don’t enjoy speaking out the exact words, whether out of embarrassment or awkwardness. Nevertheless, women have a whole secret behavior which they use to let you know they want to have sex.

And as deeds do more than words, all it takes to have a mind-blowing sex tonight is for you to learn to read these signs. Below, we list 11 tricks Secret Signals Women Want Sex!

There She Is!

Whenever a woman likes to have sex, she won’t say it but will make herself more present in your daily life. For instance, she’ll send you selfies of her looking her best, and you could be in the other room, at work, or wherever. This is sort of a chasing game, where the woman is the prey and you have to play the hunter. Play your part right, and you are looking at one wild night in bed. 

Secret Signals Women Want Sex: Lingerie!

Women know how crazy men get about lingerie, so whenever she craves sex, she’ll put on a set. Even in you weren’t thinking about having sex, you will be once her best lacey bra and panties flash in front of you. Consider the fact that most women like to wear their lingerie on date nights, so make sure you always check what’s under the dress before calling it a night. 


Women like to send little signals to alert you that her sexy mood is now in full force. One of those signals is you finding her in underwear more often than usual. Whether she is changing clothes in front of you or just prancing in her bra from one room to another, keep your eyes open. Women know how men respond to visuals, so you better pick up the cue and get to it. 

Secret Signals Women Want Sex: Toys!

If your partner has bought herself a new sex toy, she might be telling you it’s time to boost your sex game. Sex toys are always fun to use in the bedroom, and women find it easier to orgasm when using a toy. Next time she’s picking out a toy for herself, encourage her sexy mission and get something for both of you. 


Interestingly, if a woman wants to have sex, she will intensify the closeness with fondling with you. Whether she sits on your lap more often or she plays with your hair, little acts of caring and touching let you know that she has the hots for you.


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