Secret Signals Women Want Sex (vol.2)

How do women express their desire to have sex? Not similarly to men, that’s for sure. While men have that primal way of showing erotic excitement, women tend to be on the shyer side. But it is not even about shyness, as women think of themselves as creatures to be unraveled, layer after layer. So, instead of just saying that she wants to have sex, your partner will likely let you know that by sending a few discreet indications.

For all of you confused lads out there, here are 6 Secret Signals Women Want Sex.

Secret Signals Women Want Sex: Kisses!

Pecks on the lips are one thing, but when your woman kisses you with all the power she has, she is into you! Passionate kisses are a go-to move of a woman who likes sexual closeness with her partner, and the more you indulge her, the more fun you’ll have.

Flirty Compliments!

Women tend to get flirtatious whenever they want sexual intimacy with you. If she suddenly compliments your hairstyle, smile, outfit or dance moves, she might be needing some TLC in bed. If you want to make sure you are getting the right signal, flirt first and see how she responds to it.

Secret Signals Women Want Sex: Cooking!

Cooking for your partner is a very personal thing for women, so when she is putting in the effort; find a way to appreciate it. Women tend to connect the feeling of satisfaction food and sex get you; so if you are having a pasta dinner with some wine tonight, you might want to bring your sexiest moves to the table.


If your partner suddenly tells you she’s bored, she might have a hotter idea in mind. Namely, women know how to occupy themselves well, so when she finds herself ‘bored’; she could be telling you she’s into playing bedroom games. Of course, sometimes boredom is just boredom, so tease her a little to make sure you are thinking the same.

She’s Cold!

Okay, this might be the cheapest trick in the book, and an effective one at that. Women use closeness and comfort to indicate they want to have sex, and they do it smartly. They seduce you do swiftly; by simply allowing you to take charge in keeping her warm, and you fall for it every time…like you should.

Secret Signals Women Want Sex: Your Clothes!

If you notice your partner wearing your T-shirt, white office shirt or, yes, even boxers; get ready to sweep her off her feet. Women know how easily guys fall for women wearing their clothes and they successfully use this trick to indicate they are ready for some hot action. Psst, you should be.


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