9 Science-Approved Benefits of Having More Sex!

There are many allies that ensure your health stays in shape, and good sex is one of the most important ones. It might not seem like it, but sex plays a huge role in making you feel and look good. Aside from what we have all heard about the benefits of sex, science, too, backs these claims with evidence.

Concerning your emotional, physical, or mental health, here are 9 science-approved perks of having sex, and lots of it!

Sex boosts longevity!

And here you thought all that cardio was for nothing.

It makes you more social!

People who have a satisfying sex life are more open, communicative, and social than the rest.

It boosts your job satisfaction!

It is odd but true- keeping your sex life in shape can make you feel less stressed about work, and happier at your desk.

Sex builds self-esteem!

Because, at the end of the day, that is how you learn what great, not good but great, sex constitutes. You feel better about doing it more often and more openly, too.

Frequent sex reduces stress!

Given that sex is a form of exercise, it naturally reduces stress. No stress means more calmness and more calmness means less anxiety towards everything else.

It helps with headaches!

Turn your ‘I have a headache, I can’t’ excuse into an excuse to have sex more often and in a more satisfying way. Science has said it, experts have said it, too, feel-good hormones produced during sex help cure your headaches.

Sex enhances sleep!

According to a 2019 study, people who had sex on a particular day, slept much sounder compared to the no-sex-that-day participants. Moral of the story? Having regular sex can balance your sleeping cycle and reduce issues with restlessness, insomnia, or nightmares. Aww, thanks, oxytocin.

It improves reproductive health!

You know what they say- the more you use a tool, the longer it will serve you. Long story short, sex strengthens your urinary tract, sperm count, and penile muscle strength, and if that isn’t a reason enough to have it more often, I don’t know what is. 

lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

While sex might not get you in bodybuilding shape, it will ensure your heart and blood vessels stay healthy and function optimally. As per a study, regular sex protects you from heart failures, and blood flow issues by a staggering 45 percent. Need I say more?

Source: https://greatist.com/health/health-benefits-of-sex#men