Reasons You Cant Finish in Bed!

Everyone loves orgasms and lots of them! However, for some men and women, having an orgasm is more difficult than for others. For men, in particular, not being able to orgasm in bed can be perceived as a heart-breaking, confidence-shattering experience.

But, wait, it doesn’t have to be!

According to sex experts, there are many reasons why you find it troubling to orgasm in bed, and guess what? Not all reasons have to do with your partner or your lack of excitement in sex. To shed some light on the matter, here are 5 reasons why You Cant Finish in Bed.

You Cant Finish in Bed: Meds!

Certain medications can impact your ability to ejaculate; despite being aroused in bed. Some of the known meds who affect your orgasm include certain antidepressants, drugs for anxiety treatment and blood pressure medications.

Emotional Issues!

Sometimes, the reason you cannot finish in bed might be a result of emotional insecurity. For instance, delayed orgasms can be a result of being exposed to excessive stress or having unpleasant past experiences in sex. The best way to fix this problem is to consult a sex psychologist who can help you release the tension that is holding you back for experiencing the peak of your pleasure.

Performance Issues!

Performance anxiety is a real condition that can affect the way men orgasm during sex, if at all. Mostly, men worry that their performance in bed won’t be good enough for their partner, and that thinking quickly chases their orgasm away. Although performance concerns can be a result of past experiences in the bedroom, another reason this happens is that you simply don’t masturbate enough.

You Cant Finish in Bed: Alcohol!

It’s safe to say, alcohol can get you limber in bed, but it can sometimes turn you too limber to ejaculate. A 2004 study showed that 11 percent of the subjects tested showed performance issues when inebriated. And while for some men a few drinks are enough to get them going, for you, liquor might be the thing that pulls you away from your next great orgasm.

The Way You Masturbate!

Did you know there is more than one way to masturbate? Oftentimes, men tend to get stuck with that one way of self-pleasuring and orgasming. But; there are many ways to enhance your masturbation practices and prevent orgasm delays in the long run. Masturbating is not just about finding different angles of pleasure, but also about emotionally connecting to your sexual arousal, so be as creative and as into it as you can!

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