What is a Open Relationship?

A Healthy Guide for the Best Open Relationship Experience!

The idea of maintaining an open relationship is becoming more and more popular among curious and exploring singles and couples. However, maintaining an honest relationship can be trickier than it looks, and it demands serious talking and consideration from both parties involved. On the other hand, if it succeeds, an open relationship can guarantee you lasting company, fun and still entitlement to your personal life.

If you and your partner are currently considering the concept of an open relationship, here is a thoughtful guide to help set you on the right track.

1. Sex Limitations.

Will sex with other people be on the to-do list of your relationship? How many more people are you willing to invite into your lifestyle? Whatever may burden you, in the beginning, is worth discussing so you avoid future problems with your ongoing partner. What goes in an open relationship? From threesomes to anal penetration, oral satisfaction and safety measures, all these issues need to be addressed beforehand, so you have an understanding of what makes you and your partner comfortable.

2. Open Relationship Emotional Limitations.

When considering an open relationship, it is important to talk emotions. Attachment to others can be possible for both men and women, so open your mind and allow yourself to discuss where those emotions may lead. In case one of the two feels a deeper connection to you or the third party, he or she needs to speak up in order to know your next move. Also, discussing emotional investment will save you sleepless nights in the relationship and will certainly give you closure, when and if needed.

3. Choose the Right Person.

It is a fact that an honest relationship is not for everyone. Because of that, it matters that you and your partner consider your ‘third wheel’ options and see if the criteria match the people you are planning to involve. Also, when choosing the person to have a sexual relationship with, be wary of whether you should mention the open relationship status you’re in or not.

4. Open Relationship Time and Talks.

When entering an open relationship, it is essential you debate whether or not you will speak to each other of the newcomers in your life. Also, determine how much time you’ll be spending with the third parties and put limitations to what you’ll be okay with to share with your significant other. These talks and schedules matter, and help keep your honest relationship in the clear and far from shadiness.

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