4 Tips on ‘Closing the Deal’ on Your First Escort Date!

Sometimes, dating an escort is all about finding a suitable company, improving your social skills; and having someone to spend your lonely nights with. Other times, all you want out of your escort date is to reconnect physically, get up close and personal, and spend a hot hour or two at your hotel room.

Having sex with an escort is an indulgence of its own. It can expand your lovemaking skills, teach you how to build a higher intimacy; and open your horizons to a new way of dating.

If an escort tryst is on your hot to-do list, here are 4 spicy tips to help you get it right on your very first date.

First Escort Date: Suit Up!

Technically, you don’t have to wear a suit for your escort date, given that you won’t have it on for long. However, what you have to do is get sharp and ready for your upcoming rendezvous in style. Men are visual creatures, but so are the ladies. If you are looking to impress your escort, a new pair of underwear; trimmed body hair, and just a spritz of your special-date perfume will always leave the right impression.

Somewhere Only You Know!

For your first escort date, don’t get down to business right away. If you want to properly enjoy your night and build the passion and connection, start with a sexy, discreet outing. You can have dinner at a fancy restaurant, hang out at a pool bar, or attend a popular event. Whatever you decide on doing, pull out all the stops-it will be worth it.

First Escort Date: Helps on Your Confidence!

Escort dates can be the ideal occasion for you to play with self-confidence. If you already have it, you can show off your best skills; or you can learn how to build it with the help of your experienced date. Women in general love a confident man who knows how to take charge in bed and deliver a sensual performance; so use this opportunity to provide just that.

Light and Breezy

When looking to score some sexual favors on your escort date, keep the vibe easygoing and the mood light. If you want to share something about yourself or pay your date a compliment, do so! At the same time, being playful instead of overly chatty will ensure your escort date is packed on more lust and pleasure, not small talk.

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