Morning Sex Delight: 5 Positions to Wake up Right!

Looking for the best way to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning?

Morning sex is here to help! There is nothing better than kicking off your mornings with a steamy and intimate bedroom adventure. Perfect for a boost of energy and cosying up to your date or partner, these five morning-friendly positions will make sex even better!

1. The Spooning Kind

Give your spooning sessions a sexier take and get those bonding hormones flowing! In any spooning sex position, feel free to take the role of Big spoon and modify the position as needed. Most importantly, all spooning sex position variations call for taking things slow and letting your body find its way to pleasure. Need extra comfort? Use some lube to make things smoother and gliding!

2. The T-Position

The T-position requires the same technique as spooning, with one small difference- your leg should come over the woman’s hip for extra grasp and hold. As a position that requires very little effort, the big T is still great for activating the G-spot and allows enough space for manual stimulation.

3. Doggie with a Twist

While regular doggy style positions require more engagement, you can modify the position for more comfort and intimacy. Namely, the woman should lie flat on her belly, while the man comes on top, pressing his body and weight on the woman entirely. Small thrusts and maximum enjoyment, this lazier doggy-style version allows greater body contact and it is even better when you both keep your legs pressed tightly together.

4. Side to Side

Unlike the spooning position, the side-to-side is all about facing each other and coming closer together. Turn on your sides, face each other and modify the position until you are pressed together just enough for a kiss. Morning kisses and neck nuzzles never felt so good!  

5. The Lotus

If you want to make more use of your morning energy, we recommend you go for the Lotus position. Have a seat on your bed and cross your legs. Have the woman sit in your lap with her legs overlapping your hip creases. If it feels comfortable, have the woman lock her feet behind your back, which then gives you complete control of the pace and intensity of your thrusts. The position is quite easy to do as it doesn’t require plenty of movement but still offers that stimulating rock back and forth.


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