6 Things Men Really Want in Bed!

Men might not be the most upfront when it comes to talking about sex, but that does not mean they have nothing to say on the topic. Yes, men and women might have a totally different perception of sex.

However, men oftentimes lack the finesse in speaking their mind and revealing to their partners what really turns them on in bed.

Aside from the physical aspect of sex, here are 6 hot things that all Men Really Want in Bed.  

Getting the Praise!

At first glance, it seems a man would like nothing more from sex than…well, sex. However, men are very sensitive to words and respond well to encouragement. That said, women tend to forget that all men have their egos, which love compliments and praises.

And yet, a man craves to know how much his partner enjoys having sex with him, so it’s good to keep the dirty talk going.

Men Really Want in Bed: Sex is Sex!

Although women relate sex to emotional closeness, for men, sex is a form of relief and satisfaction. Oftentimes, men will derail from bringing emotions into the bedroom, mostly because they all prefer the animalistic, raw side of sex. Because of that, more and more men prefer to have a dominating partner and a one who doesn’t mind the occasional down-to-business sex.


Even though it does not seem to be the case, all men enjoy the power of sexy touch. From nail scratches to goose-bumpy caresses, there is a number of ways for women to erotically stimulate their partner. Of course, a hot blowjob will do its job right, but taking the time to get there is beyond rewarding.

Men Really Want in Bed: Fantasies!

It’s no news that all men have fantasies…dirty ones, kinky ones, forbidden ones. Still, the problem is that many men fear they’ll be ridiculed by their partner for having these fantasies at all. However, men fail to realize that women also have a number of sex fantasies, too. So, instead of putting these aside, have an honest conversation with your partner and finally put some of these fantasies to practice.     


All men enjoy dirty talking, but they also like a woman who turns her pleasure to sounds. Moaning, groaning and heavy breathing are all signs of great sex, so yes, men enjoy a woman who makes herself heard.

Men Really Want in Bed: Honesty!

Men appreciate when a woman is open enough to speak what she likes or dislikes in bed. Through honesty, men get an idea of what their partner is looking for in sex, and so, they can provide it to her. That simple.

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