6 Surprising Reasons Why We Love Make Up Sex!

From fighting with your partner to ending up in bed together for closure, make up sex has long been a popular scenario for many. The hotness and intensity of arguing can easily translate to sex, and now even science proves it.

In fact, make-up sex has been so widely researched that it has now become a thing. What is it that makes us so attracted to mixing temper with affairs of the bedroom? Well, here are the 6 reasons why people find makeup sex irresistible, as per science. 


The male and female hormones can easily escalate during arguing, but then also, during sex. From adrenaline to testosterone, hormonal spikes can make you both horny and stressed. During an argument, the body releases cortisol, the hormone of stress. When this happens, the body sends signals to the brain that it needs pleasure. Sex helps largely with the pleasure part, and with it, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin take effect, making you feel so, so good.

Make Up Sex: Evolution!

Arguing and making up is a very natural behavior for both humans and animals, so you can thank evolution for your naughty kink. Having sex after bickering with your partner is a natural form of finding relief, which takes the threats aside and boosts the ego.


Interestingly enough, arousal has oftentimes been related to anxiety. In fact, both conditions boost your heartbeat and accelerate the breathing. As the emotions are similar during arguing and having sex, we tend to blend them together in a single experience.

Make Up Sex: S&M!

One of the reasons why the idea of makeup sex sounds appealing is because you likely have S&M tendencies. The word passion itself derives from the Latin word ‘patior’, meaning to suffer. According to experts in the field, anger and passion work well together, and so do suffering and chemistry. And while this is one way to explore your kinky side, it might not be the wisest to make it a practice.

Make Me Mad!

The physical and emotional toll that makes an argument can be easily mended with sex. For many, this scenario is ideal, not only is the sex hotter but also because there’s a level of comfort. And sometimes, many couples will actually use arguing as a way to get that thrilling sex, which is not the healthiest practice but nevertheless, an attractive one.  

Coping Mechanism

Fighting with your partner can bring up unwanted trauma or feelings of raging anger. To soothe those emotions, many couples turn to sex. Connecting to out sexual feelings can be a great way to let go of the negativity, experts say. Because of that, makeup sex can be an effective method of coping with traumatic emotions.

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