7 Things You Will Learn from Your Escort Date!

In the universe of professional escorting, booking an escort date can be a true learning experience for men. From teaching you a handful of hacks and tricks in bed on how to emphasize chemistry and intimacy; here are the 7 things you will learn from dating an escort.

Becoming a Better Lover

If your bedroom skills are mediocre, an escort will help you refine them and become a superb lover as a result. As escorts are experienced in all sorts of bedroom affairs; they have both the knowledge and skills to create a sex-positive mood and transform your lovemaking skills with ease.

The Art of Seduction

Way before sex, one of the things an escort will teach you is how to perfect your seduction skills. In truth, sexual pleasure wouldn’t exist with those steamy gestures and moves that help create arousal and excitement. Discreet touching, suave kisses and developing temptation are just some of the things escorts can do to perfection so keep your mind open and hungry for new knowledge! 

A Woman’s Orgasm

Quite the stigma among men, a woman’s orgasm can seem confusing and complex. However, when you date an escort, you will basically enjoy a one-on-one ‘class’ on pleasing a woman sexually. With this knowledge, you will master using your body, mind and words to give every woman a much-deserved climax.


Escorts are trained to have plenty of confidence in everything they do. From the way they talk and walk to the way they take care of their clients; escorts know how to be a powerful man who is not afraid to provide pleasure and enjoy plenty of it in return.


Dating an escort oftentimes asks for your best behaviour and manners. If you are rough around the edges, dating an escort will help you learn the essentials of being a proper gentleman during dinner; at a party and of course, in bed.

A Healthy Sex Life

When it comes to sex, escorts like to keep things clean, safe and healthy for all parties involved. That said, an escort will teach you the importance of having a condom on you; get tested for STDs and get down and dirty without making it filthy or unsafe.


If you have never been a tipper, with an escort, you will definitely learn the importance of it. Tipping your escort at the end of your date is the unspoken rule between clients and escorts and it is also necessary if you want to leave a great impression as a client and award your escort for everything she did for you.

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