How to Have an Escort Date, on the Phone?

Although phone call escort dates are not among the most used client services, they come quite in handy for various occasions.  

For some clients, a phone call escort date is very suitable when the client is travelling out of town but still wants to hang out after work. Other clients, however, simply appreciate the opportunity to reach out to their favourite escort lady whenever and wherever they want.  

Phone call escort dates can range in services and options- clients are welcome to book the GFE (even on the phone) or give naughty talking a chance.  

Whatever your reason may be, calling an escort on the phone is a fine way to pass time and kill loneliness. Before you go for it, here are a few tips to ensure your experience is nothing but smooth and fulfilling.  


When calling an escort over the phone, it is important you remember this is the provision of a service you asked for. Therefore, try to keep your behaviour respectable and treat your escort with kindness and appreciation. Rude clients have no place in the world of escorts, and just because you’re on the phone, doesn’t mean you get to say or ask whatever comes to mind.  


The best way to ensure your phone call escort date goes seamlessly is to check your escort’s schedule ahead of time. You can do that by heading to the Yorkshire VIP centre website, where you can learn more about our escorts’ rota and their available hours. When you notice your desired escort has an opening of over an hour, feel free to book your appointment and enjoy your time without a care in the world.  


Prior to booking a phone call escort date, ensure you are well-aware of the services your provider offers. While most escorts share the same service package, some make more experienced choices for a phone call, a GFE or even something hotter. As it would be inappropriate to ask an escort to provide a service she has not listed, do suitable research to find an escort that meets your criteria.  

Have Fun 

Although an obvious pointer, many clients speaking to an escort over the phone let their nerves get the best of them. Even if this is your first time socializing with an escort (and over the phone), try to relax and enjoy the experience every step of the way. If you can’t seem to relax, ask your escort to help ease you into the service and take give your pleasure a whole new dimension.