How Does an Elite Escort Ensure Your Discretion?

Clients who want to date an elite escort oftentimes wonder whether escorts can actually protect their privacy and ensure their discretion. The short answer to this question is yes. As part of the entire elite escort dating service, escorts are trained to ensure their clients are anonymous; safe and protected at all times. There are various ways an escort will ensure your anonymity when on a date together; so read on to learn more about the practices escorts use to keep all clients protected.

During Outcalls

When booking an escort date at your home or a hotel room; otherwise known as outcalls, an escort will ensure she arrives in the most discrete and private manner possible. For one, she will manage her own transportation and arrive at an address you provide. If at a hotel, the escort might join you directly in your room, so you can announce you’re expecting a guest at the front desk. An escort will leave whenever the most suitable, avoiding crowds and unwanted attention.

The escort won’t arrive directly at your chosen location but will always walk there and be dropped off nearby.
If the escort has a driver, he will wait until the date ends to collect the escort. If your home requires an entrance code, you can let your escort know, so you avoid talking on speaker. Escorts will not arrive super dressed up to your home or even a hotel. Instead, they will keep a low-key profile and keep the goodies hidden in their bag.

If you have any special requests as a client; to further help ensure your privacy, let the escort centre know so they can make necessary arrangements. Also, you can always use an alias when checking into a hotel or avoid meeting your date in the lobby or hallway.


Unlike outcalls, incalls require you to visit your escort at a safe location of her choosing. The location chosen is usually the escort’s to use only and is never shared with other escort dates.

As for your own privacy getting there, incalls are much safer as you are visiting the escort, not vice versa. Some of the things you can be cautious about when visiting your escort date is parking somewhere safe and secluded and check the street before exiting her place. Whilst outcalls offer the commodity of arranging the setting; incalls make a less-risk option for your escort date and guarantee to keep your anonymity shielded.