Discover The Art Tantric Sex?

The intensity and sexual connection that tantric sex provides are unmatched to any other version of sex you can imagine. The key to pulling off a successful sexy tantric session is to keep in touch with your needs and your partner’s but on a more personal, emotional and physical level.

Below, we’ll share a few essential tips on how to make tantric sex work for you and your partner.

The Art Tantric Sex: Foreplay!

Foreplay matters in any kind of sex you engage in, but in tantric sex, it goes a layer deeper. Here are some of the useful tips to help you build great tantric foreplay:

  • Keep the eye contact between you and your partner alive while maintaining your breaths steady.
  • Initiate touching in a sensual manner, taking turns in physically awakening each other’s bodies.
  • Next comes the kissing part, but keep it to kissing alone. Instead of rushing, focus on how your body responds to the careful meeting of lips.


A tantric practice is sexual, yes, but it doesn’t have to revolve around actual sex. Ideally, you’d want to put off having actual sex until the very end. In the meantime, begin slowly engaging in creative ways to sex things up, such as:

  • Cuddling or massing each other
  • Lying naked in bed, exchanging energies.
  • Caress each other all over the body and engage in minor sexual pleasures, like rubbing, penetrating, etc.
  • Build sexual intensity by synchronizing your breathing.
  • Get vocal and share your desires with your partner.

The Art Tantric Sex works differently for everyone. Because of this, it is really important you discuss the likes and dislikes with your partner and work on finding your specific source of pleasure. Here are a few extra tips to help you enrich your tantric practice even more: 

  • Whatever you do, take it slow. There’s a greater sexual pleasure lying underneath the rush, so take a step back and enjoy it.
  • Experiment with outfits, scenarios, smells, visuals, etc. Tantric practices are meant to be explored, so dive deep into your own creativity and listen to your partner along the way.
  • Mix tantric elements with regular sex. Slow down, speed up, go full-on, and then take a breather…this on-and-off tempo can really enhance your sexual exhilaration, bringing tantric and familiar sex elements in one smooth blend.
  • Some of the best positions to try during a tantric practice include the Lotus and the Relaxed Arch position.

 Tempting, tantalizing, and thrilling, tantric sex promises to knock you off your feet each and every time you try it!


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