Common Sex Mistakes Your Doing and How to Fix Them!

It is without a doubt that sex is a field of learning and improving. Even though there is no such thing as the perfect lover, women find some bedroom behavior….well, annoying.

If you care to up your sex game, pay attention to not only what you are doing right, but what you could be doing wrong. Namely, here are 5 more sex mistakes men do in bed, and how to fix them.


Unless you are experimenting with a dom-sub scenario, women don’t really appreciate being bossed around in bed. As more emotional partners, women often use sex as a method of connecting and getting intimate. Should you spoil the erotic pleasure for some harsh instructions? You should, not unless she likes you too.

But First, The Hand

If your go-to sexy move is immediately rubbing her down there, you are early to the party. Yes, women enjoy a man who can figure out his way between her legs. But, there are many more things women enjoy first. In fact, during foreplay, the last area you want to touch is her privates.

To switch it up, take your time. Work your hands and lips on her every body part but there, thus boosting the sexual anticipation in both of you.

As They Do in the Movies

Yes, we know, men take most of their knowledge of sex from porn movies. To be fair, so do many women. However, once in bed, steer away from imitating everything they do in adult movies. Understand that you are not a professional and neither is she. And another thing, real-life sex is nowhere close to the staged ‘action’ you see in erotic movies, so don’t overachieve.

Putting It Off

Although no woman is a fan of three-minute-long sex, most women also don’t like when you overextend it. Marathon sex might sound lovely, but putting off your orgasms forever will only frustrate your partner. Instead of getting all robotic and technical after a while, notice when your woman begins to tire- and speed it up.

Moving Her Out of Place

You worked hard for her orgasm and she’s just there….but then, you move away from the spot. Dang it, she missed it. A missed orgasm is often due to the fact that men like to over-perform, to the point where they forget to focus on their partner’s instructions. How to help it? Listen, listen, and listen.


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