6 Rules of Having Casual Sex as a Divorcee!

Casual sex as a divorcee can be exhilarating, passionate and unique. However, for divorcees, taking that leap of faith can seem quite farfetched. For men, things might be simpler, as they are able to set emotions to the side – divorced or not.

Still, this does not mean that casual relationships after your divorce will be easy.

In fact, more and more divorcees fear having casual (or any!) sex long after the papers are signed and turned over.

But, that doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be the case at all!

Having casual sexual encounters when you’re divorced can be a great way to go deeper into self-discovery and actually have fun. At the same time, after divorce, the way you do causal sex will likely change, with you becoming more aware of yourself and what you want out of a casual partner.

Below, we offer a healthy and practical guidelines on how to feel comfortable with having casual sex after a divorce.

1. Casual Sex as a Divorcee: Honesty

Many divorcees enjoy steering clear of committing long after dealing with their ex. This is a good thing, but it naturally requires honesty with your friend of benefit.

If you are into having casual sex, and casual sex only, it is best you share your intentions right off the bat, so you avoid bringing emotional trickery into the new ituation.

But, will you still have to cuddle and sleepover? No, if you don’t feel like it.

2. A Realistic Approach

When having casual sex, especially after getting divorced is all about being in the clear. Yes, you might feel gooey and beloved once again, but casual sex has nothing to do with emotions.

That said, it is best you understand that as good as the get-togethers seem, they will likely come to an end.

3. Casual Sex as a Divorcee: Safety First

Practicing casual, yet safe sex is essential for maintaining control of the situation. That said, you don’t need to risk an unwanted pregnancy or STDs, but rather keep to good ole’ and safe shacking.

4. Emotional Attachment

The idea of enjoying having sex with someone and actually wanting to be with this person are two opposites.

Being a divorcee, you could be still attached to idea of someone taking care of you.

Therefore, you first need to give casual sex some rethinking, and if that’s what you really want, then you’ll need to toughen up and set your emotions aside. Which brings me to the next point…

5. Casual Sex as a Divorcee: Expectations

It is completely understandable that you don’t want to bring your new lover home.

On the flip side, it should also be okay to refer from unintentional pampering, flirting or leading on your casual sex partner.

This type of relationship is all about having good and raunchy sex, so don’t spoil it with gestures typical for a proper relationship.

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