Tips for a Successful Escort Hotel Appointment: Outcalls for All Occasions

If you have your next escort booking planned as a hotel experience, be it a shorter or longer outcall, or even an overnight, it is key to pay attention to several details. Booking accommodation, finding a good match, choosing a payment method, and letting your escort agency know about the bits and pieces are some of the musts when booking outcalls.

But when it comes to sugaring up the experience and making it all the cosier, here are some extra hotel booking tips to consider.

Bigger Rooms If Having an Overnight

An escort outcall is not your everyday date you are going out for, so you need to class things up a tad. Start with the kind of room you book. If you are in for the night, it's best to choose bright and middle-size rooms or bigger. You want both you and your escort date to feel at your most comfortable and have enough room to yourselves and together. This brings us to the bathroom.

Choose a Bigger Bathroom

Even if the room you book is not as big - think, one bedroom, one main area, and a bigger bathroom. Out of all spaces in the room, the bathroom is the most important to mind. After all, you want enough private space, and to keep things safe, healthy, and hygienic. And, as you already know, ladies first.

Separate Rooms If Traveling Together

In the case that you travel with an escort, be it out of town for one night or with a touring companion, consider booking separate smaller rooms, with a joint bathroom. Or, if you can, it's better to book a two-bathroom room so you have enough privacy and commodity while there.

Room Service

What are hotels for if not for a proper movie experience? Room service can feature anything you like, so opt for coffee and fruit in the morning, drinks and dessert in the evening, or the main course menu if you didn't get the chance to have dinner yet. Room service might require an additional tip but it is not every day that you treat yourself to an escort's company.

Strangers at the Bar

Ideal for one-night or shorter hotel bookings with an escort, start your journey at the bar. You don't have to drink if you don't want to but you can still make a curious game of being strangers at the bar - but this time, you can actually play it out genuinely - why not make it fun while at it?