Everything You Wanted to Know about Couple's Escort Dates!

Dating an escort as a couple is a wonderful service that many couples want to enjoy. The reasons for it can vary: from straightforward companionship to using the booking as a learning experience and a way to spice up your dating life. As an exclusive service, a couple dating a VIP escort is all about doubling the company, keeping things light and fun, and proving that sometimes, the more the merrier works!

If you and your partner are liberated of assumptions and want to make the most of a couple's escort date, here is how to do it.

Don't be a Prude

As a couple who wants to explore, being a prude won't give you a top-quality experience with your couple's escort. It is best to approach your couple's escort date with an open mind and a sense of togetherness and sharing. Keep in mind that a couple escort will equally dedicate herself to you and your partner, so there's no need to get competitive for her attention or feel neglected while at it.

Bring Passion Back in the Game

A couple escort is a perfect choice when you and your partner want to keep things spicy in your relationship. As a neutral third party, your escort will notice the weak links in your passionate relationship and will implement the rightful techniques to bring it back to life. Trust your couple escort to teach you how to restore the spark missing in your relationship and help you re-establish that known sense of wanting someone and getting hot and heavy together with eagerness.

Another Side of You

For first-time couple escort daters, the service can be quite helpful in learning more about yourself and your partner. An escort will help you and your partner bond through her and will encourage you to experiment with dating aspects you haven't touched upon yet. If you have an underlying sexuality fantasy waiting to come out, your couple escort will be there to guide you through it and make your experience much more satisfying and smooth.


With a couple's escort, you can either actively participate in the main show or step aside to be a voyeur for the evening. Seeing your partner bond with a professional escort can be quite stimulating for clients and the same goes for the vice versa scenario. Your partner can sit back and watch as you and your escort have your fun which in essence is downright hot and teasing.