Escort Bookings: A Whole Day's Itinerary

Escort bookings come in all shapes and sizes. They can feature a single service or combine a few of them. Some can even feature more than one escort, or for the clients who are after double the fun, even a partner. Nevertheless, spending a whole day with a professional escort requires proper planning and lots of options to get you started as well. Say, you want to combine the best of both worlds, here is a detailed itinerary on how to spend a full day with an escort.

A Luncheon

If you want to start the day early, begin with an elegant lunch date somewhere in town. Of course, if it's the weekend, you are welcome to hit nearby resorts and combine your meal with a nice walk or hike outdoors. Lunches can also be an excellent stop if you are exploring some attractions and want to share a nice meal in a fabulous setting.


Shopping with an escort is the ultimate experience to enjoy on a day off or whenever you need something fun to do. Heading to the shops, stands, vintage shops, and art galleries can be truly fun and engaging and will give you and your escort time to bond. Whilst you are not obliged to treat your escort date with gifts, getting something to make your date memorable can be a cute gesture.

Dinner Dates vs Events

In case you had lunch with your escort that day, you might not be in the mood for dining out again. Of course, if a dinner date sounds like a great idea, it's because it is, so don't cut yourself short of the experience. Other nightly options to consider instead of dining, however, include attending events, concerts, heading to the cinema, stepping out for a pub gig and drinks, having the best fun during karaoke night, or even dolling up for a gala event.

The Outcall

As a service, an outcall enables you to continue your escort date to a more private and intimate location. For instance, when booking an outcall you can meet your escort at a reputable hotel, a fancy accommodation in town, or have her come over to your home. No matter what you choose, your outcall can last anywhere between a couple of hours to the early morning - also known as an overnight service. If you are the one to look for discretion when dating an escort, outcalls and overnights are the best services to help you spend a low-key date seasoned with immense pleasure.