Casual Dating: What Should Always Be in Your Nightstand Drawer

Also known as the “goodie drawer” a nightstand drawer is the ultimate asset to one's sex life. Whether you are with someone on a regular basis or are into casual dating and exploring your options, as a man, it is wise you always have everything you need close by.

To enjoy great sex you need to plan, satisfy and deliver, and here are the extra items that will help you have everything on hand for your hot tryst.

Key Things to Have in Your Goodie Drawer for a Sexy Night In


Starting with the obvious, safety is always the key to sublime sex. But condoms do more than just protect you from STIs and STDs…and pregnancy. In this day and age, condoms can also be fun and protective and come in different colours, designs, patterns, thickness levels, etc.


As dirty as you are in your games, it is paramount that you keep things clean physically. For that, you'll need wipes. Wipes can help you play and pick up after yourself later on, but be sure to get no-alcohol and vegan options to avoid infections if they come in contact with the skin.


Like condoms but much more slide-and-glide, lubricants are a man's best friends, right after being a woman's. Don't be vain to think that you need no lube and can take care of things on your own - you can to a point. But even in the wettest scenario, lubes can also arouse, stimulate and chill - and with so many options, you have to be willing to explore.


Having a playlist ready to go on your phone for a sexy set is highly advised. It will keep any unwanted signs suppressed, but in all fairness, music does contribute to the overall experience.

Kink it up a notch

See what I did there? In all seriousness, kinks are superbly fun, and you should pick your poison and get playing. Or, learn what the other person really likes deep down, and give her a proper surprise. Dr Naughty reporting for duty.


Light dimming can do just the trick, but there is something about candles that makes things all the more alluring. A few smaller candles in your night drawer will help you set the sexy tone every time - you can even get scented candles to add to the vibe.


A fresh breath goes a long way, so you'd want to keep a spare pack of mints or a refreshing oral spray for your kissing sessions. Nothing like being super-dirty and fresh.


Yes, like you need a decent amount of lube to keep things engaging in bed, your nightstand drawer also craves a toy or two…or three. Toys only add to what you can already do in bed, and we bet no woman will ever complain if you suggest using them. Be it a vibrator, a finger-mounted clit massager, a sucker or else, you can count on toys to add enough spice to your games.

A towel

It might timer redundant, considering you will have wipes, but sometimes, the mess you make might warrant more cleaning. Plus, a great towel will also help support a knee, your neck or waist when playing, and can serve as a sex pillow if you need it.