A Couple Escort Service: What’s the Catch?

A couple’s escorts service is intended for long o short-term couples who don’t mind extra companionship. The service is envisioned as a double service, aimed at the couple as a whole. The service, when provided by an escort, ensures a couple of a richer and more valuable dating life. On many occasions, dating an escort can help fix a broken marriage or an intimacy-deprived relationship; and help the partners reestablish their connection and bond.

Sweet as it sounds, the couple escort service requires the consent of both partners before it’s booked. It also requires having proper knowledge of the service at hand.

To ensure of the latter; here are a few key things you may not have known about booking a couple’s escort.

Equal Pleasure and Attention

When dating a couple’s escort, both partners will be equally seen by her. The nature of the service is not to prefer one partner before the other; but to work in a unison in crafting better communication, or building better intimacy. Whether it is comfort, talking, hanging out or else, your escort will provide all of it, and accordingly.

Suited for Public and Private Occasions

Though many couples assume they can only see a respective escort in private, that’s not at all true. In fact, a couple’s escort will be the best third-wheel you ever had and will accompany you when shopping, lunching, exploring, etc. Regardless of where you are with a couple’s escort; she will always pose as a friend of you both and will ensure your discretion is entirely protected.

Make It an Incall

If you are not keen on meeting a couple’s escort at home or paying extra at a hotel; you and your partner can book the service through an incall. This way, you’ll be the ones visiting your escort’s chosen location - usually, a private apartment used by that escort only - and will therefore boost your privacy and avoid the hassle of organising it all by yourselves.

Boundaries Make the Rules

Though three cannot tango, they can surely date, but for it to be a tailored experience; setting some boundaries is a must. By setting boundaries - yours, your partner’s and your escort’s - you will have a more precise outlook on how the date will evolve.

All Ages and Experiences

A couple’s escort can be an escort offering the service, and of any age and experience level. The key here is to discuss the options with your partner ahead of time and agree on one escort date you both like - and equally so.