4 Misconceptions on Dating an Escort!

Escorts have seen their fair share of misunderstandings, stigmatizations and misconceptions. Despite the industry’s best efforts to detail what the escort service and company is all about, there are still those notorious rumours that many future clients might believe still apply to dating an escort.

However, the idea of dating a professional companion may be a lot different than what some clients may have imagined. To ensure we break some of these wrongful convictions, let’s elaborate on the truth behind 4 major escort date misconceptions.

1.It’s a Power Game

Dating an escort is not exactly considered a power play, nor a matter of pulling the strings. Though the client has the upper hand in tailoring his service, escort dating is less about measuring one’s personal triumphs and more about finding suitable companionship that is also casual and discrete. The fact that you are dating an escort does not give you more power over your date, but allows you to make it, if anything, classy, elegant and intimate.

2.It’s for Everyone

Though many clients seem to believe that escort dating is a one-size-fits-all service to use, we’re sad to announce that, no, escort dating is not meant for every eager client. Clients who do not support or understand the nature of casual dating, or dating off the hook, will likely not associate themselves with escort dating. The same goes for clients who don’t like the concept behind an escort’s work and the fact she’s meeting various clients for various different services. Other clients find the service to be a bit over their budget. If you happen to fall among any of these types, then, dating a professional might not be your drill.

It’s Like the Movies

This is the most wrongful concept of all time, that escort services are exactly like those shown in the movies. The truth is, escort dating in real life is nothing like a movie, but still maintains the same level of passion and essence as shown. However, an escort’s main focus is to give you support, offer you companionship and ensure you are feeling spoiled and beloved, and that does not always have to include R-rated activities - no matter how frequent the movies make them be.

It’s Always Your Call

Though you are the one choosing the escort and service, the nature of your date is not a one-way street. Whilst your pleasure and comfort count the most, you should always consider that your escort might have her boundaries or limits, or even ideas on how to make the date better. So, yes, when it comes to the course of your date, it is your call to make, but when it comes to your escort’s needs - some compromise is always due.