FAQ - Harrogate Escorts 

Q. How to book a date at the Harrogate VIP escort agency?

Once you choose your preferred date, all you have to do is call the Harrogate VIP escort agency and make the booking. To complete the booking process, our agency may require some of your information.


Q. Which information should I provide to the Harrogate VIP agency?

In terms of outcalls, we would ask for your full name, your hotel details, the time and official date of your get-together as well as your phone number. In cases of a pre-booking, call the Harrogate escort agency and let us know the date specifics. Finally, to make a home booking, you will need to provide your phone number, full name, and all date details.


Q. How are cancellations handled at the Harrogate agency?

In case your escort date cancels the meeting due to health reasons, you will be duly notified and offered a replacement. When you want to cancel your date for whatever reason, the only thing to do is to contact our escort agency and let us know.


Q. Am I breaking the law by booking a date at the Harrogate escort agency?

No, you are not. At the Harrogate agency, all escorts are of age and have the required paperwork to prove it. Paying someone to keep you company is in accordance with the laws, so have no fear you are doing anything wrong. The only reason we require your information is to make sure of the safety of our escorts.

Q. How are payments handled at the Harrogate escort agency?

There are various ways to make a payment, with the most traditional being you paying your escort at the booked hotel. All of our escorts are instructed to count their money, so please take this into consideration when meeting your date. Also, please avoid negotiating the price with your escort, as it is strictly forbidden.

Q. What's included in Harrogate's privacy policy?

As a client, you will have full discretion guaranteed on behalf of our agency and escorts. We make sure to keep all client and date information protected and will make sure you enjoy your date in peace.

Q. Will the driver wait for my date after dropping her off at the hotel?

No, he won't. Our driver will make sure to drop off and pick up your company, once the date ends. Please be advised that some escorts do not have their drivers.

Q. Can I have my date out of the hotel?

Of course, but it is important that you first meet your date at the hotel to make the payment. This is a standard protocol, after which you can proceed to your date.