8 Ways to Make Your Overnight Date Less Awkward!

The sensuality and bedroom delight of a one-night stand can be easily overshadowed by the-morning-after awkwardness. We have all experienced it, the moment that happens right after spending a casual night together and waking up in the same bed as your date. Now, you might be on an escort date or just your regular one-time date, but in any case, ending things on the right note matters.

If you want to avoid feeling uneasy the morning after a hot night together, here are 8 ways to make it all go overnight date smoother!

1. Remember Their Name!

Nothing is more important than remembering the name of your date in the morning. Yes, you might have had a great no-strings-attached escapade but not bothering to memorize your date’s name is simply rude.

2. Humor Your Way Out of It!

One way to make the situation more relaxed is to be in good spirits and lighten up the morning mood with humor.

3. Don’t Make Promises on your overnight date!

Promising a callback or a second date just for the sake of leaving sooner is not fair to both you and your date. Why make matters more awkward by making promises you cannot keep? When it comes to one-night-stands, a decent goodbye and some good manners will do.

4. Avoid Intimate Bonding!

If you just had one night with your date, then, there is no need for any emotional bonding. Getting attached was never part of your deal to begin with, so don’t make the situation more unhandy.

5. Breakfast Is Optional!

Sometimes, you’ll feel like having breakfast with your date, no matter how casual things are between you. Yes, that is completely okay, as it is skipping breakfast when not feeling in the mood for it. The simplest way to do this is to excuse yourself and say you are not hungry.

6. Waking Up Late on your overnight date!

Unless you are planning to bail on your date after all the fun (which is a big no-no!), then try to wake up second and let your date have some time for herself. Plus, if you wake up first, you’ll always have to wait for your date to wake as well, which will only prolong your situation. 

7. Have Your Things Together!

For a smoother exit following a one-night-stand, always pick up your things after all is said and done. Of course, things can get pretty messy but try to keep yourself organized for easier transit. Horrible, I know. 

8. Keep your overnight date to yourself!

If you want your casual date to work, especially if you are dating an escort, zip the lip. There is no need to brag about the experience with your friends or name names. If not, your one-night-stand life might follow you into your daily life.

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