6 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Bad about in Bed!

We all know about the things that make you love sex for what it is. However, rarely anyone discusses the things that oftentimes make us feel uncomfortable during sex. From sharing your fantasies to vocalizing your needs in bed, here are 6 things you should never feel bad about when it comes to sex.

Having the Most Fun

It might seem like the selfish thing to do, but keeping your pleasure as a priority during sex is the only way you can make the other person feel just as happy as you. When sex feels good for you, you want it to feel good for the woman next to you. Believe it or not, it all starts with making yourself sexually satisfied.

Off-Limits Scenarios are Normal

Sometimes, we want things in sex that the other person just doesn’t find appealing. And that’s completely okay. The sooner you let go of the feeling of being entitled to a certain kind of pleasure, the more you will be able to explore other angles of sex which, let me tell you, can feel just as good.

You Want to Use a Sex Toy

There is no shame in wanting to bring sex toys to your trysts. Sometimes, people might feel as if sex toys replace the human bond, but that’s an overstatement. Sex toys are actually there to help enhance your sexual experience, and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about using them. At all.

If something is Not Working the Way You Wanted It

Hey, it happens even to the best! You think that trying a new position, toy or location will work like magic for your sex rendezvous and it turns to be a flop. Well, one, you are not a mind reader, you are a trier. Two, not all sexy moves will be the ones both you and your woman enjoy. The goal here is to find a happy middle and go from there.

The Way You Sound or Look

No one can foresee the faces or expressions we make during sex, as they are part of your natural response cycle. Trust me, the person in your bed wants to see you in a full climax and enjoying yourself, so your grimaces and vocals will only be perceived as after-effects of your sexual bliss. Enjoy!

Having a Laugh

I mean, sex is somewhat unpredictable and weird, funny things are bound to happen. Instead of clinging to seriousness, you should want to laugh the satiation off and carry on your way towards an orgasm.

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