6 Things to Never Do In Bed!

You might be going for it with a new date or it could be your long-term partner, but in both cases, quality sex performance counts. Aside from the skills you already mastered between the sheets; things in sex are not always revolved around the yeses but also the noes. To put it delicately, being a great lover to a woman means weighing your right and wrong moves in bed.

When it comes to matters of lust and intimate pleasure, these are the 6 big no-noes to avoid.

Never Do In Bed: Don’t take it personally!

Just because your partner wants you to do something new or different in sex doesn’t mean she’s not enjoying your company. Therefore, don’t play the blame-game or get your feelings hurt- but just to learn to do better.

Don’t be a Know-It-All!

Frankly, no one knows everything about sex; so stop assuming you have every skill it takes to please your date or partner. When it comes to your own pleasure, you already know what it takes. But, when pleasuring a woman in bed, playing Mr. Smarty-pants won’t get you anywhere.

Never Do In Bed: Don’t Ruin the Bedroom Mood!

That goes for both you and the woman you are with. Sometimes, without wanting to, people tend to empty their feelings and worries in bed. However, your bed should also have a sexier purpose so try not to have your ‘big’ conversations in there and keep the mood light and flirty instead. 

Don’t Withhold Your Fantasies!

Sharing a bed with a gorgeous woman calls for fulfilling some of your fantasies. Therefore, we advise you not to keep it all to yourself and speak up when you want to try something raunchier or steamier. And, while sharing your own fantasies, also make sure you ask about hers as well.

Never Do In Bed: Don’t Fake It!

Although men are not keen on faking an orgasm, it has been known to happen. But, trying to pretend you are having an orgasmic time (khm) without actually feeling it is just pointless and hurtful to your enjoyment. If you cannot seem to orgasm even after trying; the best way to handle the issue is to let the other person know. Perhaps she can help in a way?

Don’t Feel the Pressure!

Although not spoken enough, many men feel pressure to have sex even when they don’t quite feel like it. It likely has to do with the fear of being considered a poor lover, but in any case; it is a completely wrongful way to think. As a man, you are allowed to have bad days and no-sex days, so don’t feel bad about saying ‘no’ and meaning it.

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