6 Signs of a Healthy Sex Life

Whether you are a casual dater, a committed partner, or just a fan of great sex, evaluating the state of your sex life is a must. Most times, instead of valuing the good things about our sex lives, we get overwhelmed about the things we assume are not working in the bedroom. Well, according to the science of sex, despite your self-criticism, your sex life might actually be thriving!

How can you tell?

Here are the 6 signs that indicate your sex life is in great shape, even when you believe the opposite.


Flying solo is a healthy practice that actually helps you maintain a steady and functional sex life. Masturbation is a beneficial way to help you discover what you like and dislike about sex. Plus, you can use this knowledge in the bedroom as your asset and have yourself the time of your life.

You like the Skin You Live In

Despite the imposed standards of what looks beautiful and good, you are pretty self-assured with the way you look. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a great ally during sex and can make you more sensual, devoted, and easygoing.

You Can Ask for What You Want

You know your sex life is thriving when you feel no pressure in asking for the things you want in bed. Communication, as well as honesty and openness, can truly transform your sex life, so master the art of speaking up and leaving enough room for your sex partner to do the same.

Your Out-of-Bed Communication is Optimal

Communicating healthily during sex is just as relevant as doing so outside the bedroom. When you maintain great communication in your relationship, you can expect to withhold it in bed as well. Being able to share both your worries and desires to your partner speaks volumes about your relationship and sex life- so keep talking and communicating!

You Don’t Mind Novelties

When your sex life is thriving, you are excited to try new things in bed. From choosing positions and stimulation techniques to finding thrilling do-it locations or using a brand new sex toy- any news in sex is good news!

Quality over Quantity

If your sex life has a quality to it, the quantity becomes less relevant. You could have sex all day long, but if the experience is not fulfilling, frequency doesn’t really scream success. On the other hand, having less sex but making it everything you want it to be, makes you far less stressed about the count and more focused on its essence.

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