5 Tips for Meeting an Escort at a Hotel!

Hotels make one of the most beloved places for dating an escort. The reasons for dating an escort at a hotel room are beneficial and a few. On one hand, hotels make discrete and neutral grounds to meet your escort and outcall her to meet you in your room. On the other hand, hotels can be quite fun and versatile, which means you won’t miss out on the fun. When sharing a room with an escort, you can ask her to stay overnight or for a few hours, and you can always count on having a blast on your date.

If you were planning on inviting an escort to party with you at a hotel; here are 5 guidelines to follow.     

1. Use the Amenities

As noted, hotels are packed on entertaining things to do, and the same counts for couples. Invite your escort to lunch at the bar or spend a day in a Jacuzzi or a hot tub. Hotels also come with pools which also make a great idea for setting the right tone. Some hotels even host parties and events, and if not for anything else; you can always count on them for top-notch room service.  

2. Be Nice to the Staff 

Although not escort-related, the way you treat the hotel staff speaks volumes about the kind of man you are. That said, don’t be shy about tips and use your door sign to avoid unwanted interaction. Your escort will feel appreciated by both the staff and you; and your kindness will make you a highly appreciated guest and client. In the same manner, ensure you also tip your escort once your date finishes, so she, too, feels extra-valued. 

3. Keep It Low-Key 

Even if you are at a hotel only you two know, there are still other guests to consider, especially in how close and touchy-feely you are. If you value your privacy, it is best to keep the public display of affection under the radar or choose more private areas around the hotel to hang out. Aside from people, there are also security cameras to keep in mind, so for the extra-cautious, make the most of your room.  

4. Pack Accordingly

For those who are planning to spend the night with an escort, you’ll have to bring a few essentials with you. This includes nightwear, a toothbrush, slippers, and all those sexy props you plan on using, like condoms, lube, and toys. 

5. Rent Hourly

Not planning on spending the night with your escort? In that case, the best way to set-up your arrangement is to rent your hotel room by the hour. That way, you won’t pay for a full day and you might even get to use the sauna or spa centre.

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