5 Sexy Things to Keep You Ready for Hot Adventures!

If you have a sexy date coming up, it is good to prepare ahead of time. Maintaining a great sex life, whether with a long-term partner or occasional dates is important, and putting in the effort counts every time. And while spontaneity is great something about preparedness speaks of confidence and a man who knows what both he and his partner want.

Getting ready for a night filled with passion should be a thrilling process, and here are 5 ways to spice up your sex game before you even get to it.

1. Drop a Subtle Hint!

Instead of just scheduling sex, try hinting to your date or partner something related to it. You can send naughty texts or tease and flirt more, and everything you do will help build desire and anticipation in your woman. Women are very responsive to discreet seduction and love the thrill and lingering of it. So the longer you can hold the hot-and-cold tempo, the more rewarding it will feel.

2. Have Protection Ready!

You know, it is never cool to go over your things in the middle of sex to find a condom. That is why you have to have them on you whenever the occasion calls for it. Plus, if you are struggling to put on a condom when excited, practice alone a few times to get the hang of it and become smoother with it in bed. One more thing, when it comes to condoms, choosing the right size is crucial to prevent unwanted pregnancy or STIs, and vanity has no place in it. 

3. Get a Lubricant!

If you are out of lube or don’t use it as often, get a fresh bottle of it before your hot rendezvous. During sex, a lubricant is your best friend for the night. Women enjoy the use of lubricant as it helps them build their arousal and orgasm, and they can work on you just as well, too. The only thing to remember about lubricants is to choose the right type, as not all kinds of lubricants go well with latex.  

4. Focus on the Details!

Creating the right mood for your raunchy night is a great way to relax and ease into the vibe as well. Preparing your room is all about the details, so consider lighting a candle, preparing a bubble bath for two, or using essential oils for ambiance.

5. Breathe!

Learning a relaxing breathing technique can help you ease your nerves before sex. In addition, breathing helps you keep your stamina strong and your performance on-point.

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