5 Secrets to the Wildest Hotel Sex Ever!

No matter what anyone says, hotel sex must be among the most seductive, thrilling experiences you can do for yourself. Hotels are an intriguing kind- they greet a variety of guests, from local travelers to businessmen; and the occasional couple looking for spicier sex life.

If you ever dated an escort, then you’d know just how convenient booking a hotel room can be. Not only do you get full discretion and privacy, you can also enjoy a full hotel experience, including room service, spa centres, swimming pools, and gyms. Well, whether you date an escort or want to boost your date nights with your partner; booking a hotel room will turn your rendezvous into a memorable affair.

How to have the best hotel sex ever? These are the 5 best tips to offer a helping hand. 

Wildest Hotel Sex Ever: A Good Guest!

Just because you have booked a hotel room for the day doesn’t mean you should forget all about manners. When going to a hotel with a woman on your arm, being good hotel guests is essential. Let’s be honest, all hotel staffers appreciate a guest who leaves no mess, makes no grand noise, and tips well. In turn, you can rest assured you’ll be treated like a true VIP.   

Bring Your Own Protection!

Some hotels offer condom packs for free, which comes in handy from time to time. We are not saying there is something wrong with that; just that bringing your own protection is the only way to ensure you are being safe and responsible.

Wildest Hotel Sex Ever: Bring Your Own Fun!

From costumes and sex toys to ties, lubes, and other props, it is your job to pre-pack your hotel sex essentials. While at it; you should also bring a toothbrush and a change of underwear to use after all is said and done.

A Clean Space!

The last thing you want for your sex hotel room date is dirty bedding, toilet or carpet. Therefore, be sure you check the hotel room of interest before booking it. Of course, the occasional fly on the wall is nothing to be grossed out about; but having a clean environment for your sexy escapade will keep you bacteria and germ-free.  

Wildest Hotel Sex Ever: Book Hourly!

If you are not planning on staying the night at your hotel, it is best to save up a few pounds and book the room hourly. Usually, this scenario is favorable when you have an on-the-go escort date or when you are in a rush; and truth be told, there is nothing wrong about making the most of your time, and money.

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/hotel-sex

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