5 Golden Rules of Dating an Escort!

What does it take to spend a magnificent date with your favorite escort? Whether at a dinner date or a private party at your home or hotel room, dating an escort is all about having fun, treating your date right, and making the most of pleasure and comfort.

Want to nail your next escort date like a pro? Here are the 5 key rules that will help you be the perfect gentleman and lover to your date! 

Control Your Liquor!

If your idea of the perfect escort date includes drinks and partying, do yourself a favor and don’t go overboard with the alcohol. Sure, a few drinks can help you relax more easily; but anything more than three drinks will just spoil the fun for all. Plus, if you are trying to make an impression on your date; getting wasted and swaddling by the end of dinner is just not cool.

Have Your Fee Ready!

When dating an escort, paying upfront is one of the key rules to remember. This way, your escort will be able to count her fee and feel safe in your company. Also, when discussing fees, never try to bargain the price- it is bad manners. Speaking of earnings, should you spend a great date, don’t forget to tip your escort like a pro.

Be Respectful to Your Date!

Hiring an escort is a business arrangement, but that doesn’t mean you should be unkind to your date. Showing her respect, just as you would with any other date, is essential if you want to have fun and enjoy your experience throughout. Remember that even though your date is paid for, you should always ask your escort for consent instead of deciding for the two of you.

Be Safe at All Times!

When you date an escort, and especially if it is a private and sexy outcall, make sure you stay protected at all times. While discretion and privacy are both guaranteed on your escort part; physical protection, such as bringing a condom will ensure your date is your responsibility.

Staying the Night!

If you decide to spend the night with your escort; make sure she feels comfortable at your home or hotel room. Keeping a spare toothbrush or a clean towel goes a long way in terms of hospitality; and so does offering breakfast in the morning and ending the date on great terms.

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