5 Common Stereotypes on Escorts!

As much as you love escort dating, a lot of clients do, there is always that scenario that follows an escort. For whatever reason, movies mostly, escorts have always been misinterpreted or fantasized about in a one-dimensional manner.  

Well, as it is about time to reintroduce you to the world of high-class escorts and how they do what they do; here are 5 common stereotypes to get rid of at once.   

All about the Bedroom

Many clients assume that escorts make paid one-night-stands, but that is so ridiculous, to begin with. While intimacy plays a role in dating an escort, not everything is about sexual pleasures. For many clients, escorts also make superb dinner dates, travel companions; company providers, and loneliness busters, so try getting out of this idea in your mind and open it to more intriguing escort options.  

Personal Lives

Because of their line of work, escorts are presumed not to have their own personal lives. Well, believe it or not- and you better believe it- all escorts have their own private lives and jobs and families. Many escorts are highly educated and run another career but it just so happens that escorting is something many girls have really found themselves in and do a good job with it, too.


For clients who still associate escorts with something sinful or wrong, why are you even interested in dating one? Shame has no room when dating an escort, as the experience ought to be relaxing, stimulating, and educative. If you are judgmental; suspicious, or feel bad for your escort, we suggest you put a hold on your idea of dating one.  


Many clients who are curious about dating an escort often worry that they will get exposed in one way or another. However, the thing is, escorts consider privacy and discretion- your and hers- to be of utmost importance, so she won’t ever misbehave or jeopardize your privacy. Escorts know how to key dating low-key; so even when you’re out with one in public, she’ll know the proper etiquette to every scenario.  

They’ll Agree to Anything

Not quite. High-end escorts are pretty strict on the services they provide and while adjustable; they will not break their own rules just because a client asked for something extra. Usually, high-end escorts can be booked through an agency, and on their website; you can learn more about what your escort will or won’t do in terms of service.  

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