4 Things to Never Do with an Elite Escort Date! | Harrogate VIP

Clients who date elite escorts regularly have an idea of what the process entails and doesn’t. When it comes to quality escort dates; a client’s behaviour plays a huge role in making the experience more enjoyable for himself and his escort. Whilst escorts are trained to provide the best dating services; some clients need to get properly introduced to the yeses and noes of dating an elite escort.

Below, let’s discuss five unpopular behaviours clients should never rely on when meeting an escort for a date.

No Money Hassles

Bargaining service costs is one of the ultimate sins a client can do. Why? Well, every client is introduced to the service fees elite escort provide ahead of time. That way, a client can choose the kinds of services that best meet his needs and budget. Once the client knows the total cost of his date and agrees to it; there is zero need to bargain the prices once your escort arrives. Escorts booked through an agency will never change the fees just because a client asked them to, nor they should. Keep in mind that if you are way too pushy with this, your date might be cut short.

Social Awkwardness

Much like clients, escorts too, are very mindful of their privacy and discretion. Whilst yours will be protected at all times, as part of the stellar escort service offered; it seems unfair that the client exposes his escort or involves her in a socially awkward situation. For instance, bringing your escort to meet your friends or colleagues is not okay, especially if it is a tricky situation an escort was not aware was coming. Also, when your escort is meeting you at a hotel; ensure the reception desk does not bother her additionally or ask for too much information before she meets you in your room. Finally, taking photos or videos is out of the question when dating an escort; so don’t jeopardize your experience in the name of bragging.

Location Issues

If you are meeting your escort outside of town, or further away from the centre; ensure your escort can arrive there first. Although she will manage her own transport, it is yours to ensure she arrives safely instead of wandering around and trying to find ‘the spot’.

Manners & Hygiene

Finally, for a perfect escort date experience, ensure you and the space you are sharing with your escort are always clean, neat and appealing. Before your escort arrives; tidy up your apartment or hotel room, set the tone with some nice music, dress accordingly and keep that bright smile on your face!