4 Safe and Creative Holiday Ideas for Your Escort Date!

Although not the most festive-friendly season we have seen, there are many ways to end the year on a celebratory note. I know what you’re thinking, dating escorts the way you used to is not an option right now. But, spending your holidays alone doesn’t mean you actually have to feel lonely!

To help you find some comfort during the holidays, we have come up with 5 great escort date ideas to ensure you have the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

1. Video and Phone Call Dates

When physical dating is out of the picture, turn to one of the most practical services escorts offer- video and phone call dates. Thank heavens for virtual dating, right? Although kilometres apart, you can book a fabulous holiday date with your escort over the phone and chat your night away!

In addition, if you are looking for something more intimate and personal, on-camera dates are a pretty neat and effective option. With your date on the other side of the line or screen and a nice glass of wine in your hand, your festive date is looking better than ever!

2. A City Affair

Looser restrictions around outdoor activities make a perfect setting for you and your escort date. Has it been a while since you actually roamed the town and pretended to be a stranger for the day? Well, with your escort, you can easily get back to rediscovering the bliss of leisure activities and out-and-about dating.

Of course, you are out of the wine and dine option, but strolling along the river or visiting an outdoor Christmas market might be a fitting alternative. Mulled wine, warm clothes, a hot babe by your side, and a town waiting to be explored- could you ask for more? 

3. A Day Trip

Just like you would stroll around town and chat your date away with your favourite escort, you can also plan a day trip for you two. Day trips can be quite suitable when you want a change in scenery but don’t want to go above and beyond to make it happen.

Whether you travel to a nearby town or head to the snowy mountains for a day of fresh air and skiing, you are bound to make the best of both worlds- dating your favourite escort and doing it safely!

4. Sexting

When everything else fails, good old sexting can help you get in a sexy mood over the holidays. While not as intimate as actual, face-to-face dating, sexting leaves a lot of room for improvisation and teasing.

On one hand, you’ll have someone to chat your blues away all night long and on the other, you are still not missing out on all the hot fun done cleverly through steamy texts and exchanging the occasional nude.

Happy Holidays!